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Lecturer:Helen Cammock 

Time:19:00,Apr. 28th.

Location:HB208,Painting building



Lecturer:Helen Cammock 

坎莫克1970年生于英国斯堪福德郡,生活和工作于布莱顿和伦敦。目前其代理为伦敦Kate MacGarry画廊。

 Cammock was born in Staffordshire, UK in 1970 and lives and works in Brighton and London. She is represented by Kate MacGarry, London.




Helen Cammock works across moving image, photography, writing, poetry, performance, printmaking and installation. She is interested in histories, authorship, storytelling and the excavation of unheard, excluded and buried voices; often mapping her own writing, literature, poetry, philosophical and other found texts onto social and political situations. She attempts to interrogate the ways stories are told, the hierarchy of histories and who is rendered invisible and therefore unacknowledged. Projects always rely heavily on research and a consideration of form is important in the work - the space between image and text, and between ideas, form and medium. 



坎莫克是2019年特纳奖的获奖者之一。作为该年度特纳奖的一部分,其作品“长电影(The Long Note)”于2019年在马盖特镇上特纳当代艺术博物馆展出。同时,坎莫克也是第七届Max Mara女性艺术奖获奖者。2019年6月-9月,其后续作品“Che Si Può Fare(无可奈何)”在伦敦白教堂美术馆首次展出。随后,该作又移至意大利Collezione Maramotti艺术馆展览。坎莫克2020年发布的视频“他们管这叫无所事事(They Call It Idlewild, 2020)”由怀辛艺术中心在奥地利布雷根茨美术馆展出。同时,该作也构成了坎莫克今秋将于伦敦Kate MacGarry画廊展出的新作“我决定,我想要行走(I Decided I Want To Walk)”的一部分。

Cammock was the joint winner of the Turner Prize 2019 and her exhibition The Long Note,  was presented at Turner Contemporary, Margate as part of Turner Prize, 2019. She was winner of the 7th Max Mara Art Prize for Women. Her subsequent exhibition, Che Si Può Fare  (What Can Be Done) premiered at Whitechapel Gallery, London from June – September 2019 and then moved to Collezione Maramotti, Italy.   Her film They Call It Idlewild, 2020 commissioned by Wysing was shown at Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria and was part of a new show I Decided I Want To Walk at Kate MacGarry, London, this Autumn.



坎莫克新创的视频“Concrete Feather and Porcelain Tacks”由伦敦影视伞、罗奇代尔试金石博物馆及画廊、伦敦摄影师画廊共同发行,并将于2021年在摄影师画廊和罗奇代尔博物馆举办个展。今年晚些时候,伦敦蛇形画廊将展出坎莫克的新作“无线电歌谣:贝斯音符及地界线(Radio Ballad:  Bass Notes and Sitelines)”。这是一部无线电作品,其中包含一系列实况表演活动。坎莫克有幸入选参加了第九届英国艺术展。近期,她正与位于新奥尔良的里弗斯研究所(Rivers Institute)及阿米斯塔特研究中心档案馆(Amistad archives)合作新作品。该作品将于Art & Education网站进行展览。另外,坎莫克近期将于多伦多奥克维尔画廊、鲁汶STUK、以及汉诺威的Kestner Gessellschaft举办个人展览。

A new film Concrete Feather and Porcelain Tacks, has been commissioned with Film and Video Umbrella, London; Touchstones Rochdale Museum and Gallery, and The Photographers Gallery, London and will be exhibited in solo exhibitions at The Photographers Gallery and Rochdale Museum in 2021. Later this year Serpentine Gallery, London will present Cammock’s project Radio Ballad:  Bass Notes and Sitelines, a radio programme and series of live performance events. She is part of British Art Show 9 and has recently begun work on a project with Rivers Institute and Amistad archives, New Orleans which will exhibit at Art & Education, Los Angeles. She has solo presentations coming up at Oakville Galleries, Toronto; STUK, Leuven; Kestner Gessellschaft, Hannover. 



“长电影”于北爱尔兰德里的VOID画廊首次展出。2019年,该片于都柏林爱尔兰现代美术馆展览。坎莫克的其他个人展览包括:“我决定,我想要行走”,Kate MacGarry画廊(伦敦,2020)伦敦;“词语之声(The Sound of Words)”,雷丁博物馆(英国,2019)以及“低声呐喊(Shouting in Whispers)”,Cubitt画廊(伦敦,2017)。另外,坎莫克的作品曾参加一系列群展,展出于:位于伦敦的萨默塞特府、冬青树丛花园画廊,科尔切斯特的弗斯赛特艺术馆(FirstSite),德国汉堡美术馆、奥地利布雷根茨美术馆。另外,坎莫克也曾在白教堂画廊的表演大厅(The Showroom)、伦敦当代艺术中心(ICA)及意大利Collezione Maramotti艺术馆展览舞台表演。

The Long Note premiered at VOID, Derry, Northern Ireland; and showed at The  Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, 2019. Other solo exhibitions include I Decided I Want to Walk, Kate MacGarry Gallery, London (2020), The Sound of Words,  Reading Museum, UK (2019) and Shouting In Whispers, Cubitt, London (2017). Her work has been included in group exhibitions at; Somerset House, Hollybush Gardens, London and FirstSite, Colchester, Hamburg Kunsthalle, Germany Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria and she has staged performances at The Showroom, Whitechapel Gallery and the ICA in London and a Maramotti Collection, Italy.